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.The Haunted.

There was nothing unusual about the day. Typical teenagers out searching for a thrill. Halloween was lingering near and the road trip seemed unassuming. The trees whizzed passed them in a blur of shadows and night was fading. They pulled off the highway to find a hotel to rest for the night. What they didn’t expect was the long line of abandoned cars littered on the side of an old dusty road and a creeping fog moving in. There were no lights, no people. Nothing but the littered remains of rusted vehicles all along the streets…….

*****In anticipation of October, (YES We know that it’s not yet September but we’re excited and have some special things coming out in the coming two months!) we will take you to a tale of horror, unexpected twists, and evil lurking in forgotten places! ~{PhotoTonic}~ will be coming out with a fun series of Halloween and Fall poses throughout the months of September and October each week! We hope you will all enjoy what we’ve got in the works!*****







Keep an eye out!!!


The 24 Event!

This is a bit late, but ~{PhotoTonic}~ Poses participated in an event called The 24! Designers were invited to participate in an event that featured 24 brands across the SL grid from menswear/women’s wear/home/pose stores to showcase their designs! We came in just two weeks before the event started and featured our Limited Edition Exclusive which will not be sold after the event and our gacha machine! It was exciting for us to participate in our first event ever! We hope to participate in many more in the future!

This event is ongoing until the 31st of August! 

Image.Contorted Love. – Available at The 24 Event!

L$150 – Only 100 Being Sold!

Image.Cirque. Gacha Machine – Available to purchase at The 24 event!

50L Per Play!

*This item will be available for purchase at our store in world once the event is over!*

Come visit our booth and look around!

Bloggers WANTED!

We are looking for bloggers to join our team! We are accepting applications from bloggers all over SL in hopes we can create a great group of people who can show case our poses in unique and talented perspectives! We hope you’ll join our blogger team!! Currently our requirements are only that your blog has been active within the passed three months and have a free group spot available for our blogger group!

If you’re interested in joining our team please just send a NC to Faeydra Aluveaux or Lancelantash Resident in world with your Blog and Flickr address (if available!)

Currently we are only accepting about 10 Applications and may open up more slots in the future!

New Releases! – August 25th, 2013

We’ve got some new fantastic poses out for everyone to enjoy! These poses are available now on MP!


.Lifted. is available now for 100L!

WizardySet150L on the MP!

Staves included for each pose copy/no mod/no transfer on the staves!!

Poses are copy/mod/no transfer!


Available on the MP for 360L!

New Blog!

Welcome to ~{PhotoTonic}`’s official blog! I’ll be using this page to update everyone on newly released items that we have made! We’ve got some new and exciting things in the works! Our goal is to make creative, dramatic poses! Some of our poses are RP inspired so there are a variety of different poses you will find here to create a scene. I am excited to pursue further into this venture with my husband and hope that our customers will enjoy our creations as much as we enjoy making them!

Faeydra Aluveaux

Owner of ~{PhotoTonic}~