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New Releases Coming SOON!

Wow! It’s been a while! We’ve been busily working on finding new exciting poses to bring everyone! We’ve also begun a new adventure on a different grid that has kept us busy the passed few weeks! However, with all the holidays that are coming up we have been working hard to get out some new poses and new props out! We’ve joined up a few wonderful faires and events that will be starting around December 1st and will be bringing out a lot of new poses that are just fun and silly. The events we’ll be at are the Enchanted Christmas Faire and the Season of Giving Holiday Fair.


We’re excited and hope you’ll be there to enjoy all the festivities and items the designers have in store!

Coming SOON!



Both coming to the Enchanted Holiday Faire!

We will also be putting out all our items from previous events now that they are over! So keep a look out on the MP for some of our Halloween poses!

Sneak Peeks: